DEBATE RECAP: The choice is clear

LAS VEGAS – The differences between Dean Heller and Jacky Rosen couldn’t be any clearer after tonight’s only U.S. Senate debate, which was hosted by KLAS-TV in Las Vegas and broadcast statewide on the CBS affiliates and Univision.

Heller talked about Nevada’s booming economy and how far the state has come since the days of stagnant wages and having the highest unemployment in the nation. By cutting taxes and eliminating regulations, Nevadans are no longer just scraping by; they’re getting ahead.

Congresswoman Rosen, on the other hand, showed why she didn’t want to debate her record and refused to face off with Heller in Reno earlier this month.

Rosen, who announced she wanted a promotion six months into her current job despite getting nothing—zero—done, couldn’t point to a single law she passed that addresses her supposed top priorities like health care, immigration, or education.

While Heller is Nevada through and through, Nevadans saw how Jacky Rosen is bought and paid for by California and New York liberals who are pushing a reckless agenda that would turn back the clock.

And Rosen sadly attempted to pad her resume by taking credit for other people’s work when she claimed she had “passed 50 bills out of the House.” But all she accomplished was highlighting Heller’s impressive record of delivering over 100 pieces of legislation signed into law for Nevadans.

As the first day of early voting begins tomorrow, the choice for U.S. Senate couldn’t be clearer for Nevada voters. Dean Heller has delivered time and time again on the issues they care about.

“Nevadans saw stark differences between Dean Heller, who has delivered over and over for Nevada, and Jacky Rosen tonight,” Heller campaign spokesman Keith Schipper said. “Congresswoman Rosen has done zero in Congress while siding with Nancy Pelosi over Nevadans 90 percent of the time, and is bought and paid for by California and New York liberals. She proved herself to Nevadans that she is wholly unfit to be their U.S. Senator.”

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