Governor Brian Sandoval endorses Dean Heller in new ad

LAS VEGAS – The Heller for Senate campaign launched a new ad—“Accomplished”— featuring Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval explaining to Nevadans why he is supporting Dean Heller.

“Dean Heller has passed over 100 pieces of legislation to help Nevada,” Sandoval begins before highlighting Heller’s record, including crossing party lines to pass the Violence Against Women Act, being the 5th most bipartisan U.S. Senator, and his tireless work as a champion for Nevada’s nearly 300,000 veterans.

“Accomplished,” which begins running statewide today, puts a spotlight on the stark differences between Heller and his opponent Jacky Rosen.

While Congresswoman Rosen has zero to show for during her short stint in Congress, Dean Heller delivers. On issue after issue Nevadans care about, Heller has stood up and got the job done.

He has passed over 40 pieces of legislation into law to support our veterans, proposals to help small businesses and fight vile crimes such as human trafficking, and has repeatedly stopped any effort to revive Yucca Mountain and make Nevada the nation’s nuclear waste dump.

And as Sandoval lays out in the new spot, anyone who tells Nevadans any different is wrong.

“Dean delivers. I know because we’ve fought side by side,” Sandoval says. “Nevada needs Dean Heller in the United States Senate.”

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