Heller campaign launches two Spanish-language TV ads

LAS VEGAS – The Heller for Senate campaign launched two Spanish-language TV ads—“Pasando Leyes para Ayudar a Nuestra Comunidad” and “Ayudando a Nuestros Empresarios Ayudamos a Nuestra Comunidad”— today and emphasizes why Hispanic voters will be supporting Heller in November.

Pasando Leyes para Ayudar a Nuestra Comunidad” highlights Heller’s record of delivering for Nevadans with over 100 pieces of legislation having been signed into law. Heller’s passed over 40 pieces of legislation into law to support our veterans, stopped a 40 percent tax on employer-sponsored health care plans, and stood up for victims of heinous crimes.

Ayudando a Nuestros Empresarios Ayudamos a Nuestra Comunidad” also highlights Heller’s work to deliver tax reform, which has allowed small businesses to grow and our economy to thrive. Unemployment is at record lows and wages are growing.

We can’t afford to turn back the clock now.

The Heller campaign’s work to earn the Latino vote has been unprecedented. The campaign unveiled the largest Hispanic coalition—Juntos con Heller—ever announced by a U.S. Senate campaign in Nevada history, and over 200 Hispanic-owned businesses are showing their support for Heller in their establishments.

“The unprecedented Hispanic support we’ve seen for Dean Heller is simple,” Heller campaign spokesman Keith Schipper said. “Dean Delivers. With over 100 pieces of legislation passed into law, Nevada’s Latinos trust Dean Heller to get the job done and be a champion for their families, businesses, and community.”

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