Heller campaign releases new ad: ‘Action’

LAS VEGAS – The Heller for Senate campaign released its second television ad for the general election—titled “Action”—today, highlighting Dean Heller’s record of delivering for Nevadans.

You can watch “Action” here:

The 30-second spot goes through several of Heller’s accomplishments, including passing 40 pieces of legislation to help Nevada’s nearly 300,000 veterans; breaking with his party to reauthorize the Violence Against Women Act; passing legislation to protect children in their schools; and Heller’s work to deliver justice for victims of sexual assault.

Heller has always made the needs of Nevadans his top priority. In addition to the over 100 pieces of legislation he has passed that is now law, he has helped over 15,000 Nevadans—many of the seniors and veterans—get the care and benefits that they deserve.

This new ad emphasizes the stark difference between Heller’s record and that of his opponent, Congresswoman Jacky Rosen.

Rosen spent a mere six months in Congress, where she passed no bills and accomplished nothing for her constituents, before deciding she wanted a job promotion. She has spent the last year campaigning in California and across the country instead of doing the job she was sent to do.

“’Action’ highlights why we have been able to build the biggest and strongest campaign Nevada has ever seen,” said Heller campaign spokesman Keith Schipper. “Whether it’s getting our heroes the benefits they’ve earned or delivering justice for victims, Nevadans know that Dean will get the job done. Unlike Congresswoman Rosen, Dean delivers.”

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