Heller Hosts Salute to Veterans

Dean Heller hosted a Military & Veteran Support Rally to salute Nevada’s heroes in Las Vegas.

Attendees at the rally received BBQ and were given a special tribute by Dean Heller for their service.

Dean said at the event, “Whether you are among the Greatest Generation, fought in Korea and Vietnam, or served in the Persian Gulf and Post-9/11 wars, you deserve the quality care, support, and benefits that you’ve earned while serving this country. Every day I’m fighting to make sure of it.”

Standing up for the veteran community has been Dean’s top priority in Congress. Because of his efforts, results have been delivered to more than 300,000 veterans living in Nevada. Last year alone the President signed 9 of Dean’s bills into law to help Nevada’s veterans.

These laws helped expand veterans’ GI Bill benefits, boost accountability at the VA, ensure veterans’ continued access to life-saving surgeries, and give veterans more options when appealing their disability claims.

“I will never forget your duty to this country. In fact, that is what drives me every day in my role as your U.S. Senator.” – Dean Heller

Dean has made incredible strides in reducing Disability Backlog cut backlog by 85%. Over 500,000 veterans’ claims have been resolved since we took up this fight.

“The VA was a mess when we created that working group. There is just no excuse for the delays and runaround our veterans were facing – and some still are.”  -Dean Heller

On the same day as the event, Dean Heller’s opponent Jacky Rosen was campaigning with Jane Fonda, who recorded radio broadcasts shaming troops and called POWs in the Vietnam War “hypocrites and liars” whose torture was “understandable.”

Mentioning Jacky Rosen’s fundraiser with Jane Fonda Dean included, “She’s raising money for her campaign with a person who posed for a photo on a Vietnamese anti-Aircraft gun used to shoot down American pilots. And worst yet, Jacky Rosen announced her plans to campaign with Jane Fonda last month on National Vietnam Veterans Memorial Day. A day we set aside to celebrate our Vietnam War veterans. It’s indefensible.

I’ve never turned my back on our veterans, and I never will. While Jacky Rosen is raising $300,000 from Jane Fonda, I’m working day in and day out to make the lives of Nevada’s 300,000 veterans better.”

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