Heller vs. Rosen on Veterans

LAS VEGAS – There is a stark difference between Dean Heller and Jacky Rosen on veterans. While Heller has delivered over 40 pieces of legislation into law that support the men and women who served our country, Congresswoman Rosen has repeatedly sold them out to benefit her own political aspirations.

Thanks to Heller’s leadership as co-chair of the bipartisan VA Backlog Working Group, the VA’s backlog of disability claims has been cut by 85 percent and more than 500,000 veterans’ claims have resolved nationwide.

He has passed laws to help provide mental health services, improve access to health care services, and bring more accountability to the VA for these heroes.

What has Jacky Rosen done?

Rosen voted against holding bad employees at the VA accountable, only to flip and vote for it just weeks before she announced her campaign for the U.S. Senate.

Rosen fundraised with Hanoi Jane Fonda, who called our Vietnam War POWs “hypocrites and liars” whose torture was “understandable.”

And Rosen skipped a vote to expand coverage for our Vietnam War heroes suffering from the effects of Agent Orange so she could cut a campaign commercial at the border on the taxpayers’ dime.

Nevada is home to nearly 300,000 veterans, and these heroes know they have a champion in Dean Heller and they have seen enough from Jacky Rosen to know that she will always put her own needs ahead of theirs.

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