ICYMI: Jacky Rosen still refusing to accept debates Dean Heller accepted nearly a month ago

LAS VEGAS – During his speech last night, President Trump highlighted that despite Dean Heller accepting two television stations’ invitation to debate nearly a month ago, Jacky Rosen has refused to agree to face Heller in front of a statewide audience.

Here’s a refresher.

On August 22, Heller accepted a debate in Reno on October 8 that will be aired statewide on the NBC affiliates and Telemundo.

Heller also accepted debate in Las Vegas that will be aired statewide on the CBS affiliates and Univision sometime in October on the same day.

Rosen is so reluctant to face Heller, her staff has blown off two meetings just to talk about debates with television stations and the Heller campaign.

Nevadans deserve a debate. Will President Trump’s nudge tonight finally force Congresswoman Rosen to answer Dean Heller’s challenge?

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