Jacky Rosen fails to name a single thing she’s done on health care

LAS VEGAS – Did you hear Jacky Rosen say what she’s done on health care? Didn’t think so.

That’s because she’s done nothing.


No bills to lower premiums. Nothing to address Nevada’s doctor shortage. Zero to improve health care access.

She claimed she supported repealing a 40 percent tax on employer-sponsored health insurance plans. But when a vote to simply stop the tax came up earlier this year, Rosen voted noTwice!

And not only has she failed to deliver a single thing to fix this broken system, liberal publications have pointed out she doesn’t even have a plan for health care.

“We requested a copy of Rosen’s health care paper or plan, since none has been issued so far. We received nothing,” the liberal Reno News and Review wrote.

Zero accomplishments. Broken promises. No plan.

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