Jacky Rosen finally agrees to debate in Las Vegas; still silent on Reno debate

LAS VEGAS – After President Trump called her out last week for refusing to debate Dean Heller, today Jacky Rosen finally accepted a debate in Las Vegas on October 19 that will be aired statewide on the CBS affiliates and Univision.

It will be the first time she has ever participated in a debate.

While this is welcomed news, this shouldn’t be the end of the discussion. Congresswoman Rosen must accept the invitation Heller accepted over a month ago to debate on October 8 in Reno that would be aired statewide on the NBC affiliates and Telemundo.

With just two weeks until the Reno debate is scheduled to take place, Rosen must confirm she will attend in the next couple days. If she is comfortable debating in her own backyard, there is no reason not to debate Dean Heller in Reno on October 8.

“It has been over a month since Dean Heller accepted invitations to debate in Reno and Las Vegas, and finally Jacky Rosen has chosen to answer the challenge,” said Heller campaign spokesman Keith Schipper. “While Heller looks forward to debating Congresswoman Rosen on October 19 in Las Vegas, it is inexcusable that she refuses to accept the debate on October 8 in Reno.”


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