Democrat Jacky Rosen’s made up bipartisan record

LAS VEGAS – Jacky Rosen is at it again with making things up. Yesterday she released a new ad that attempts to rewrite her history, and it is laughable. Instead of owning up to her record of blindly following Nancy Pelosi’s orders at every turn, Rosen is desperately trying to dupe Nevadans into falling for a disjointed narrative that she stands up to her party bosses.

Sorry Congresswoman Rosen, no one is buying this fiction.

That vote on VA accountability she touts? It came just weeks before she announced her campaign for the U.S. Senate. Mere months before, Rosen sided with Pelosi and voted against holding bad employees at the VA accountable.

Dean Heller has passed over 100 pieces of legislation into law, so it’s no wonder Rosen is misleading Nevadans insinuating she passed “bipartisan legislation strengthening science and math education” into law. That’s not true. It isn’t law. This is yet another sad effort from Congresswoman to pull the wool over the voters’ eyes.

Finally, it’s interesting to see Rosen finally consider voting to be her job. She has been spinning her wheels trying to convince Nevadans that she didn’t skip out on her job when she went to the border to shoot a campaign commercial on the taxpayers’ dime instead of voting to expand coverage for Vietnam War heroes suffering from the effects of Agent Orange.

But let’s be clear. Rosen did nothing on the bills she cites as her “work” to lower health care premiums. She didn’t write the bills, she wasn’t even a cosponsor. She didn’t do anything to address our skyrocketing premiums.


The fact is, Jacky Rosen is “carving a far more liberal path” in this campaign, as Politico reported this summer.

Rosen fails to mention she has voted with Pelosi nearly 90 percent of the time during her short time in Congress, or that she is so aligned with the coastal liberal elite that she has taken more money from California and New York than Nevada.

Simply put, Congresswoman Rosen is a hyper-partisan Democrat who has sold out Nevadans time and time again to please her party bosses.

“Jacky Rosen is insulting the intelligence of Nevada voters with this farce,” said Heller campaign spokesman. “Congresswoman Rosen is a far left progressive who has proven that she will always side with Nancy Pelosi over Nevadans when push comes to shove.”

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