Lt. Governor Hutchison: Pleased to Announce Our Campaign Co-Chairs

As Dean Heller’s campaign chairman, I am pleased to announce our campaign’s co-chairs today. This broad, diverse group of well-respected Nevadans is dedicated to expanding Dean’s campaign across the state and sharing his record of accomplishments.

No one has done more for Nevada’s veterans than Dean. His work has reduced the VA’s backlog by 85% and over 500,000 veterans’ claims have been resolved. Nearly 300,000 veterans call Nevada home, and they know they have a champion in Senator Dean Heller.

Dean also played a pivotal role in crafting a wide-ranging tax reform bill, which will deliver real tax cuts for Nevada families. It will provide much-needed financial relief for nearly 90,000 Nevadans by repealing Obamacare’s individual mandate, boosting middle class incomes, and includes Dean’s amendment to increase the child tax credit.

And thanks to Dean’s insistence that the Senate work 24/7, the Senate confirmed more circuit court judges in President Trump’s first year than any other president in modern history. Altogether, the Senate has confirmed 19 judges, including U.S. Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch.

Given his accomplishments for Nevadans, you can see why liberal special interest groups have already spent $10 million attacking Dean.

But we’re fighting back, and I am honored to announce that the following co-chairs are joining our team to help us win.

Heller for Senate Campaign Co-Chairs

Campaign Chair

  • Lt. Governor Mark Hutchison

Northern Co-Chairs

  • Lt. Governor Brian Krolicki
  • State Senator Ben Kieckhefer
  • State Senator Heidi Gansert
  • Assemblywoman Jill Tolles
  • Assemblyman Al Kramer
  • Assemblyman Lisa Krasner
  • Commissioner Marsha Berkbigler
  • Commissioner Bob Lucey
  • Commissioner Vaughn Hartung
  • Councilwoman Charlene Bybee
  • Jason Guinasso
  • Paul Enos
  • Cole Azare
  • Mac Bybee
  • Rick Reviglio

Southern Co-Chairs

  • Congressman Joe Heck
  • Congressman Cresent Hardy
  • State Senator Michael Roberson
  • State Senator Joe Hardy
  • Assemblyman John Hambrick
  • Assemblywoman Melissa Woodbury
  • Assemblyman Keith Pickard
  • Assemblyman Chris Edwards
  • Honorable Bruce Woodbury
  • Joe Brown
  • Peter Guzman
  • Travis Brady
  • Carrie Buck
  • Analise Castor
  • Charlie Melvin
  • Mike Wixom
  • Heidi Wixom
  • Howard Bulloch
  • Cristi Bulloch
  • Brian Cottrell
  • Kaymee Cottrell
  • Charles Clawson
  • M’recia Clawson
  • Gaye Borden
  • Paris Bayardo
  • Lisa Bayardo
  • David Tanner
  • Charlotte Tanner
  • Benjamin De La Paz
  • Trisha De La Paz
  • Lia Roberts

Rural Co-Chairs

  • State Senator James Settelmeyer
  • State Senator Pete Goicoechea
  • Assemblyman Jim Wheeler
  • Assemblywoman Robin Titus
  • Commissioner JJ Goicoechea
  • Commissioner Harry “Bus” Scharmann
  • Commissioner Barry Penzel
  • Commissioner Demar Dahl
  • Commissioner Jim French
  • Commissioner Ron Cerri
  • Commissioner Kevin Phillips
  • Commissioner Nathan Katchke
  • Commissioner Paul Donohue
  • Commissioner Varlin Higbee
  • Commissioner Don Alt
  • Commissioner Lorinda Wichman
  • Commissioner Andrew “Butch” Borasky
  • Commissioner Dan Schinhofen
  • Commissioner Larry Rackley
  • Commissioner Robert McDougal
  • Commissioner Marshall McBride
  • Commissioner Jack McGuffey
  • Commissioner Arthur Clark III
  • Former Commissioner Glenn Guttry

I want to thank these leaders for joining our team. They understand the importance of reelecting Dean. Because without him, Nevadans will lose a crucial voice and tireless advocate in the U.S. Senate. We will be announcing more members of Team Dean in the coming weeks.

Nevada Strong,

Mark Hutchison
Lt. Governor, Nevada

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