MEDIUM: Jacky Rosen Isn’t Hiding it Any More — Harry Reid is Pulling the Strings

The days of Jacky Rosen hiding from her puppet master, Harry Reid, are in the past.

Jacky Rosen has always hated to admit who pulls her strings behind the scenes. Just watch her dodge and squirm when MSNBC asked Rosen if Harry Reid recruited her into the U.S. Senate race against Dean Heller last summer.

It makes sense that Rosen would want to hide the fact that she answers to Reid from Nevadans. He remains a highly toxic and controversial figure for Nevada voters, and they won’t soon forget how often he would lie, deceive, and sell them out for his own political gain.

But the days of hiding from her puppet master are in the past.

“Nevada Senate candidate Jacky Rosen isn’t afraid to lean on Harry Reid,” according to the National Journal.

Reid is now front and center of Rosen’s campaign, doing whatever he can to raise her the money from his friends around the country. He is often asking for money for her campaign in emails, and he recently hosted a fundraiser according to the National Journal.

Clearly Reid sees that electing Rosen will give him a sixth term in the U.S. Senate, and she has no problem letting him call the shots.

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