Meet Dean

Dean Heller is a proud husband, father, grandfather, and life-long Nevadan committed to serving as our state’s strongest voice in Washington, D.C. Dean grew up in Carson City with five brothers and sisters, and he currently resides in Smith Valley, Nevada, with his wife Lynne, who he has been married to for 30 years.  He is currently Nevada’s senior United States Senator.

Privileged to Serve the People of Nevada

Dean has always seen public service as a unique opportunity to fight for the state of Nevada and the people who call it home.  His first question is always “How does it affect Nevada?” before making decisions in the US Senate.

Dean’s Fight

Dean is committed to getting things done, and will work with anybody, in either party, to fix a problem.  Whether it’s a hospitality worker on the Las Vegas Strip, a high tech employee in Reno, or a ranching family in rural Nevada, Dean Heller understands that his job is to represent Nevadans and improve their way of life.

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