New Rosen ad shamelessly lies about Heller’s record on pre-existing conditions

LAS VEGAS – In a new ad starring a Democrat political operative, Jacky Rosen shamelessly lies about Dean Heller’s record and work to protect Nevadans with pre-existing conditions.

Here are the facts.

Heller stood up for Nevadans with pre-existing conditions during last summer’s vote to fix our broken health care law, he voted for “skinny repeal,” which even the liberal Center for American Progress admitted protected patients with pre-existing conditions.

And just last month, Heller helped introduce legislation that protects Nevadans with pre-existing conditions.

Congresswoman Rosen is doing everything she can to distract Nevadans from the fact that she has done nothing to fix this health care system that she’s admitted over and over has “real problems.”

Zero. Zilch. Nada.

She has even been called out by liberal publications that you would think would be in her corner.

“We requested a copy of Rosen’s health care paper or plan, since none has been issued so far. We received nothing,” the liberal Reno News and Review wrote.

The liberal publication went on, “While Lokken spoke with us, he brought up Rosen’s campaign website and found references to 11 issues, but they were not blueprints or plans. The one dealing with health care was 125 words long. A Rosen mailing sent to her supporters this week with the subject line ‘News on the ACA’ contained just 150 words, none of them laying out how Rosen would improve the law.”

“Lokken said there is one thing voters can do in the absence of commitments on paper. They should look at, ‘What has she done?’ However, in Rosen’s case that is not as helpful as it would be in many cases, since she has served just one term,” they concluded.

So what’s Congresswoman Rosen’s solution to fix her record of doing nothing?

Lying about Dean Heller’s.

“Jacky Rosen shtick of lying about Dean Heller’s record to hide her record of zero is tired and failing,” said Heller campaign spokesman Keith Schipper. “Nevadans are rejecting the opportunist as they learn more and more about how little she’s done during her lone term in Congress. This ridiculous new ad will do nothing to change that.”

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