The truth? Democrat Jacky Rosen has done nothing to fix our broken health care system

The REAL Truth About Jacky Rosen’s Health Care Record

Despite Congresswoman Rosen touting in her campaign ads over and overthat Obamacare has “real problems” and that she is going to fix it, her record shows she’s done nothing to do so.

Congresswoman Rosen’s record and stances speak for themselves, she has even been called out by liberal publications that you would think would be in her corner.

“We requested a copy of Rosen’s health care paper or plan, since none has been issued so far. We received nothing,” – Reno News & Review

The liberal Reno News & Review went into more detail saying, “While Lokken spoke with us, he brought up Rosen’s campaign website and found references to 11 issues, but they were not blueprints or plans. The one dealing with health care was 125 words long. A Rosen mailing sent to her supporters this week with the subject line ‘News on the ACA’ contained just 150 words, none of them laying out how Rosen would improve the law.”

“Lokken said there is one thing voters can do in the absence of commitments on paper. They should look at, ‘What has she done?’ However, in Rosen’s case that is not as helpful as it would be in many cases, since she has served just one term,” they concluded.

A Closer Look At Rosen’s Broken Promises:

During Rosen’s 2016 campaign, she claimed in an interview that there were a “lot of things we need to work on” to fix this broken health care system.

Jacky Rosen Votes To Keep Healthcare Tax on Employer-Sponsored Health Care:

She claimed she supported repealing a 40 percent tax on employer-sponsored health insurance plans (known as the Healthcare Tax or the Cadillac Tax). But when a vote to simply stop the tax came up earlier this year, Rosen voted noTwice!

“Jacky-come-lately” Rosen Doesn’t Even Introduce or Cosponsor a Medical Device Tax Repeal, While Claiming It’s a Priority

She even talked a big game on the campaign trail about repealing the medical device tax, but has been nothing more than a “Jacky-come-lately” since taking office. She didn’t introduce the bill and wasn’t even an original cosponsor. In fact, she didn’t even sign onto the bill to repeal the medical device tax until two months after it was introduced when she was considering a Senate bid.

Jacky Rosen Introduces ZERO Bills to Address Skyrocketing Premiums:

Have you heard Jacky Rosen talk about skyrocketing premiums? Well she hasn’t done ANYTHING to stop them. The truth is, Jacky Rosen has introduced ZERO bills to address skyrocketing premiums, which have gone up 63.6% in Nevada over the last three years. (You can see her record for yourself on >>)

Jacky Lags Behind on Drug Price Promises:

Drug prices were also supposed to be a priority for her. And yet Jacky Rosen didn’t introduce a bill addressing drug prices until a year and half after being sworn into office — which should be noted that it was a year after becoming a candidate for the U.S. Senate — which was clearly a political stunt to help her campaign.

Jacky Rosen Has Followed Through on ZERO Campaign Promises:

How many bills has Congresswoman Rosen introduced to lower Nevada’s skyrocketing health care premiums?


How many bills has she introduced to address the shortage of doctors in Nevada, a priority she lays out on her website?


What solutions has she introduced to improve health care access?


What Nevadans Deserve To Know:

Jacky Rosen has done ZERO to fix this broken health care system.

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