Three Weeks Later, the Historic Tax Bill Continues to Deliver

Las Vegas, NV – Three weeks ago today, President Trump signed the largest overhaul of our tax code in over 30 years. It is already providing financial relief to middle-class Nevadans as several Nevada employers have already increased wages, awarded bonuses, and committed to creating more jobs.

As a senior member on the tax-writing Senate Finance committee, Sen. Dean Heller played a pivotal role in crafting the historic bill, including an amendment he offered along with Sen. Tim Scott that was adopted that doubled the child tax credit.

Just yesterday, South Point Casino, which is located in Congresswoman Jacky Rosen’s—Heller’s Democrat opponent—district, announced it is awarding $1 million in bonuses to its current employees, which doubles the amount awarded in 2016. Additionally, the company also decided to pull back an increase in health insurance costs for its employees.

“The new bill will have a monumental effect on our economy and, in turn, our property. We want to be sure that our extended family is taken care of,” owner Michael Gaughan said according to the Las Vegas Sun.

This news comes after a once-stalled casino development in Las Vegas, Fontainebleau, announced is it will now be completed thanks to tax reform. The developers committed to creating over 10,000 jobs in southern Nevada.

Other Nevada employers that have announced wage increases and bonuses include AT&T, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, and Comcast among others.

Rosen, who was caught lying about the bill before it passed Congress, has remained steadfast in her opposition of the tax relief despite its clear benefits for the Nevadans she currently represents. In addition to the wage increases and bonuses already announced, the average family of four in the rookie congresswoman’s district will see a tax cut of $2,581 according to the House Ways and Means Committee.

“President Trump and Senator Heller delivered on their promise to cut taxes on the middle class and get our economy moving again,” Heller campaign spokesman Keith Schipper said. “When faced with the choice, Jacky Rosen sided with her party bosses over cutting taxes on hardworking families. She is not fit to represent all Nevadans in the U.S. Senate.”

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