We deserve a refund, Congresswoman

LAS VEGAS – Jacky Rosen’s staff admitted today that the Congresswoman used taxpayer dollars to visit the border and shoot a campaign commercial in June. Her arrogance and abuse of office, while typical of politicians like Rosen, should anger Nevada voters. Their hard-earned dollars paid to boost Congresswoman Rosen’s flailing campaign.

On Monday, June 25, Rosen traveled to the border to film videos and take photos—on the taxpayers’ dime we can now confirm.  The photos and videos ended up on her congressional office’s social media accounts and in a press release.

Ten days later, July 5, Rosen’s campaign launched a six-figure media buy behind an ad using the same photos she posed for on her taxpayer-funded trip to the border.

We deserve a refund, Congresswoman Rosen.

Remember the days when Rosen portrayed herself as a champion for the taxpayer?

“Members of Congress should be using their office budgets to fight for their constituents and serve the people they represent, not help themselves get re-elected,” Rosen said in a press release in March.

And then she boasted in April that she was “responsible” with our tax dollars? As has become Rosen’s M.O.  – all talk.

By June she was using her official office to help herself get elected. From high and mighty to swampy in three months. That might be a record or something.

“Jacky Rosen took a taxpayer funded trip to shoot a television commercial for her campaign,” said Heller campaign spokesman Keith Schipper. “She abused her office and left Nevadans footing the bill. Nevadans deserve a refund.”

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