What is Jacky afraid of? (Democrat Jacky Rosen won’t agree to debate)

LAS VEGAS – It’s been two weeks and Jacky Rosen still has not committed to a debate in Las Vegas and Reno. In fact, Rosen is so stricken with fear by the idea of debating Dean Heller, her staff has blown off two meetings just to talk about debates with television stations and the Heller campaign.

After being approached by two different affiliates, the Heller campaign agreed to those debates two weeks ago. One would take place October 8 in Reno and aired statewide on the NBC affiliates and Telemundo. The other would take place in October in Las Vegas and aired statewide on the CBS affiliates and Univision.

And it’s not only debates Rosen is ducking. When she’s not raising money in California, she is hiding behind staff and activists in Democrat Party offices. Whether it is events like the grand opening of I-11 or Nevada traditions like the Labor Day circuit, Dean Heller is there and Jacky Rosen isn’t.

Why? Is she afraid she will catch well-deserved grief for the lack of time she’s actually spent in Nevada?

Does she lie awake at night terrified by the idea of having to defend her unabashed loyalty to Nancy Pelosi or spending so much time in Hollywood to Nevadans?

Or is it as simple as knowing she is unable to point to any accomplishments during her short time in Congress?

What is it that scares her so much? What is she so afraid of?

While this getting out of debates trick in Congresswoman Rosen’s playbook may have worked in her 2016 campaign, it won’t be tolerated this time. Rosen must come out of hiding and defend her failures and abysmal record to Nevadans in both northern and southern Nevada.

“Jacky Rosen is terrified of facing Nevadans,” said Heller campaign spokesman Keith Schipper. “When she’s actually in Nevada, she won’t leave the comfy confines of Democrat Party offices, and now she is refusing to debate Dean Heller. Why? Because she can’t defend her record of getting zero accomplished.”

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